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See Appendix 5 of The Arachnid's Guide to the Universe for complete family history.

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Web-based research, particularly human studies.

Largely responsible for the 'arachnid enlightenment', wherein it was realised that humans are not simply large clumsy creatures of no nutritional value, but have a culture of a complexity approaching that of our own.

Contributing editor to The Arachnid's Guide to the Universe, currently in its 5th edition.

The planetary flag of Arachnia

This is a comparatively recent introduction, flags being a concept picked up from humans. It depicts the Supreme Arachnid on her web in front of the Chrysosphere (the planet's only moon) on a background of the typical rich purple summer sky. She was said to spin a web so fine it could not be seen against either the full moon or the dark sky. And it makes a pretty flag.


Spinner, scholar and socialite.

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